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Welcome to Mr. Music Music School

Online Music Education Program
Mr. Music Music School was originally developed in response to the 2020-2021 pandemic period when in-class learning was not possible. It has since developed into a full-spectrum online music school for elementary grade level music education.

Let’s MEET is ideal for schools that have underfunded music programs and serves to provide a fun and comprehensive music education program to their students. Our current program provides 32 weeks of 30 minute programs made up with 5-7 minute lessons. We think this is a great supplement to current music programs or can be a stand alone music program in the classroom and for homeschooling curricula.

Kind words from our teachers

5th Grade Teacher
Tom Genolio
Oak Grove Elementary School
5th Grade Teacher

As a third grade teacher at Oak Grove School in Sebastopol, California, I had the pleasure of working with Jim Corbett (aka Mr. Music) for about 14 years. Jim has a way of making you forget all your worries and troubles by bringing joy to your life through music. He always lifted our spirits and he made everyone feel like they were an amazing singer.  When you’re with Mr. Music, all you can do is smile and sing!

bob bales
Bob Bales
Kenwood School District

I am pleased to recommend to all educators the incredible work of Jim Corbett (aka “Mr. Music”).  I have had the great fortune to work with Jim for over 20 years in my role as a Superintendent/Principal of a small, country school in SonomaCounty.  Jim’s talents, energy and ability to motivate children through music are unparalleled.  He knows how to build a community of learners, who work together, sing together and enjoy the many benefits that music instruction brings to a classroom of children or to an entire school.  Mr. Music is an exceptional educator and a warm hearted, talented person who knows how to reach kids in a way that inspires them to participate, work collaboratively and enjoy the learning process.

He is a Sonoma County treasure and a hall of fame music teacher

Grandpa Mike Requarth.fw
Mike Requarth

I volunteered at the grandson’s elementary school classroom during a Mr. Music program. The kids responded with enthusiasm and quickly engaged in the program. Mr. Music generates an environment of learning, fun and joy that only music can create. During these difficult times, music can help lift the spirits for the students and the teachers. Mike, grandfather of Nico.

Grandpa Mike Requarth

Linda Irving
Linda Irving
Sebastopol Union School District

We are so lucky to have the talents of Jim Corbett and The Mr. Music Music School to provide music, rhythm, and singing for the primary grades and easy instructions for teachers to implement the lessons. These enrichment classes are key in providing students a creative outlet during this difficult time. Thank you Mr. Music for enhancing the education of students and for your partnership in promoting the arts. It’s so important!

Linda Mollenhauer-Meyskens.fw
Linda Mollenhauer-Meyskens
School Teacher
Third Grade Teacher

Mr. Music, Jim Corbett, worked with my classes for many years.  My students always loved music time and Jim was a natural pied piper with kids.  His classes were lots of fun and also taught some basic fundamentals in a playful way. He has inspired countless children to go on with their singing and to learn to play instruments.  I highly recommend him and believe this could be a great asset at this difficult time where teachers are teaching online.”

Amy Jones-Kerr.fw
Amy Jones-Kerr
Roseland School District

“Mr. Music”, lead by Mr. Jim Corbett has been a wonderful asset to the Roseland School District for many years.  Our students always looked forward to their time and involvement in the program. Jim’s passion in providing access to music for children is very evident while providing lessons.

matt reno
Matt Reno
Alexander Valley School District

Mr. Music continues to be one of the great music teachers throughout Sonoma County and beyond.  His depth of knowledge around music and how he engages listeners and learners is outstanding.  In a post-pandemic world, Mr. Music has found a way to reach children and foster their quest towards developing a love and appreciation of music.  Keep singin’ and Keep playin’ Mr. Music!

Kevin Russell MFT
Kevin Russell

Jim Corbett has come up with a remarkably effective, fun and useful tool for helping kids learn to regulate their emotions. Utilizing the Tool Box material developed by child development expert Mark Collin, Jim has beautifully created two modalities to facilitate children’s ability to integrate, and make use of, the skills found in emotional intelligence education.

The images created to accompany each emotion regulation tool are simple and inviting to the younger ones to color and have a tactile experience. In addition, each tool has an accompanying original song created to bring to life the idea being highlighted by it. These very catchy, singable songs are perfect for times traveling in the car or right at home in the play room with the kids. Each song/tool provides, in a playful, enormously helpful information for kids about what to do when they are feeling emotionally overwhelmed.

Research has shown that people with higher EI (Emotional Intelligence) have a better work and relational life since these skills help with how to manage the normal hurts, anger, and frustrations that emerge in life.

I now make sure that every family with young children that I meet get a copy of the Toolbox Music & Coloring book. And I get consistently positive feedback about how useful and fun this resource is. Indeed, how many times have I heard back from parents about how helpful it has been and how THEY also are practicing using the tools described within it.

Class and Lesson Samples

Magic Flute
Mr. Music
“The Talking Drum”
Song of the Week
“Rock Around the Clock”
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