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Let Me tell you a story of the ‘Blunder of Irishmen’ and how, through synchronicity and vision Mr. Music Music School was created.

It all began when Tif Joyce (a distant relative of James Joyce) was getting his hair cut at a local salon and in conversation mentioned that he was looking to pass on a PA system that he was no longer using. The hair cutter encouraged him to talk with Jim Corbett, aka “Mr. Music”, who would gladly accept this gift on behalf of the Mr. Music Foundation. Which he did and in the process of meeting each other, found they had much in common. Tif, was a retired financial planner and a skilled recording engineer and musician; Jim, as Mr. Music had been working in the elementary schools as Mr. Music and was facing the reality of the COVID lockdown on in-class learning. In conversation Tif told Jim about his magical friend Timo O’hagain who was a master video editor and creative genius.

After long conversations on the phone with Timo, Jim asked him one day, “Would you like to create a Music School with me?” Timo replied eagerly, “Well that sounds like fun!” One week later they began their first video shoots in front of a green screen of lessons Mr. Music had taught for years in the schools. The Blunder of Irishmen was born and so was the Music School. Songs of the week were recorded and sent off to Timo, who transformed the raw footage into magical images along with lyrics. Visiting musicians were brought in to share their unique love for their instruments and for music; music from a variety of cultures was presented and the magic flute and the magic bowl were wonderful ‘bookends’ for the video classroom. Months later, and hours of fun musical experiences, the 32 week program was put together, and children began to use this powerful videos to learn and appreciate music. Immediate rave reviews poured in from teachers, administrators and parents. Mr. Music Music School is another piece in the music education of the elementary grade students and is a perfect tool for local schools to use as a supplement to a regular music teacher or as a stand alone music program.

Yours truly the Blundering Irishmen,
Jim Corbett, Mr. Music

Timo O’hagain, video production

Tif Joyce, videographer

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